Welcome to Ratton Manor Weather in East Sussex

This Personal Weather Station is located in Ratton Village, Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Ratton Village is situated at the eastern end of the South Downs, near Butts Brow and the village of Willingdon. The Ratton Estate was built on the original location of Ratton Manor destroyed by fire in 1940, the former home of Freeman Freeman-Thomas, 1st Marquess of Willingdon and a close friend of King George V.

Eastbourne is located near to Beachy Head, and the South Downs National Park. It is renowned for its pleasant warm climate, being sheltered by the South Downs. Eastbourne is famous for its sunshine and is regularly one of the country's sunniest spots. It has it's own microclimate, and is therefore an interesting place in which to observe the weather.

The Weather Station is a Vantage Pro 2 Plus with 24Hr Fan aspiration with an enhanced Temperature/Humidity sensor, giving an accurate and rapid response to changing conditions.

Data is uploaded to the Internet continuously, and a wealth of weather information and a detailed station history is also available, via the various links.

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